In a market where there is much talk of sustainability, Made in Italy companies are already more sustainable than their other competitors. The historicity, the existing European legislation on environmental protection, respect for the health of employees and the regulation of employment relationships, as well as the REACH regulation, contribute to this result. Furthermore, numerous brands distribute private "sustainability specifications" regarding the use of certain chemicals, thus increasing the number of laboratory tests on the finished product to protect health and the environment.

To embrace the safety needs of the textile product, guarantee assistance on certain substances and respond in a putative and scientific way to requests, the Textile and Health Association (which boasts in the Board of Directors the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, National Chamber of the Italian MOda, CNA Federmoda, Federchimica, Sistema Moda Italia, ECU European Consumer Union), collaborating since 2001 with the Ministry of Health, MiSE, ICE, UN and IWTO and some of the major Made in Italy luxury brands, has developed the Guidelines on the requirements eco-toxicological for clothing, leather goods, footwear and accessories.

To ensure the safety of supply chains, companies and brands and monitor the production cycle with traceability and transparency, Textile and Health prepares, for each company, a plan of targeted analytical controls at certified third-party laboratories, in order to create a network of companies. and analytical data, and map the entire production; an inspection by a third-party body, then, guarantees compliance with the criteria of transparency, traceability and compliance with the Guidelines, thus allowing the company and / or brand to be issued a certification.

Ethic-et is the European certification mark, which distinguishes products made with certain quality and eco-toxicity requirements, valid throughout the EU, which guarantees the consumer reliability, traceability of the supply chain and suppliers thanks to a precise Technical Disciplinary. of Inspection, analytical objective assessments and inspections by accredited bodies.

In summary, Ethic-et protects consumer health, protects the environment, reduces risks for businesses, promotes transparent companies and supply chains and informed and aware consumption.

We are therefore proud to have obtained the Ethic-et label, thanks to which we can define ourselves chemically safe towards consumers.


In the "Sustainability" section it is possible to view the Ethic-et certificate issued


31 May, 2022