Ssustainable fashion is not only synonymous with respect for the environment and essential ethical-social creations, but also with respect for the health of man, child or adult, the final consumer of the fabric we produce.

Collaborating with Tessile e Salute, and therefore also with the Italian Ministry of Health, means meeting and sharing the ecotoxicological safety requirements set out in the Guidelines created together with the National Chamber of Fashion. The use of chemical products, in the textile sector, is essential for some processes, and in recent years scientific-technological research has developed products that are gradually safer not only for the environment but also for humans.

Raphael, a certified Tessile e Salute company, monitors the entire production chain, both to ensure the choice of more sustainable chemical products, and to monitor their use, implementing a Chemical Management protocol that includes research, both in yarns and fabrics. , of chemicals harmful to health.

The Chemical Manager plays a particularly important role within the company, to ensure the satisfaction of customer requests without forgetting the need to use safe and non-toxic chemical products: sample surveys on raw materials and finished products are in fact part of an accurate and continuously updated risk assessment plan, in order to promptly intervene in the event of a positive analytical data.

Raphael, made in Italy fabrics, sustainable, safe.


24 September, 2021