Our work

Observing the way work is carried out in Raphael allows a great understanding about our ancient trade.

It a homely atmosphere and the coming and going of people is no different to that noticeable in a house where everybody knows each other.  Every now and then, Paco, wiour big dog, will watch over every aspect of our work and production and keep us company.

In this atmosphere, which for us is welcoming and sincere, it is possible to meet well-prepared people of a high level of professionalism: starting with the founder.  Here everyone is an expert.

Moreover, the low background noise of the machinery, which is always working, seems to fill the air precisely to remind us that the creation of a fabric is the result of constant, tireless work, which begins with the choice of raw materials – which are always top quality, whether they are pure wool or noble fibres – and continues with the construction of weaves, in the various types of fabric, which use yarns on the verge of the limits of technical possibilities.

This is how, here at Raphael, we obtain high quality products capable of satisfying the needs of the world of fashion and prêt-à-porter.

Our respect for the environment

Raphael has always been attentive to the principles of environmental sustainability, to better respect the nature of the verdant Valsessera, where the plant is located, and the quality of life of the local community, thus combining ecology and territoriality.

The enhancement of the territory and its natural resources have always been fundamental points for Raphael within the company mission, as well as the precautions to reduce the environmental impact, such as the use of clean energy deriving from solar panels, as well as ensuring environmental protection, allow considerable energy savings for the company.

Even the transition to a LED lighting system has enabled the company not only to reduce energy costs, but also to save energy with considerable efficiency.

The use of natural materials for the production of fine fabrics guarantees the health of consumers, with consequent appreciation by the end users.