The GOTS 2021 report on the progress and impact of the environmental and ethical-social sustainability certification for organic products was recently disclosed, highlighting excellent results and appreciation.

20 years after its birth, the GOTS certification sees a conspicuous increase among the subscribers of the standard, registering + 53% compared to 2021 in our country and thus placing Italy in second place in the world in the ranking of the nations that have mostly adhered to this stringent voluntary standard; ahead of us, Turkey with a growth of 61% compared to 2021.

The appreciation by brands and consumers for products of organic origin (bio) certified GOTS highlights the sensitivity towards not only environmental issues but also the health of producers and workers of the entire fashion sector, who choose materials without GMOs, without highly harmful chemicals (such as formaldehyde or azo dyes), which use reduced water consumption or ensure complete recycling, from the field to the finished product.

We are proud to be part of this large family that every day contributes to the sustainable growth of our country.


23 February, 2022