The new Fall / Winter 2020 collection is aimed particularly at women who want to wear high-quality, high-performance fabrics while maintaining a modern look.

The company  follows as well a particular male clientele including some of the most famous brands.

All the natural fibers are present in the Collection: cashmere, silk, alpaca, wool and cotton. However, there are also plots with very fine viscose fibers, nylon and polyester to give technicality, easy care performances.

The fabrics are stretch and natural stretch, double splittable in plain and patterned, embossed, padded and with an English turn. Beside the historical products of the company, an important part of the collection is dedicated to fancy fabrics created with the intrigue of bouclé yarns, embossed, flamed, brushed, voluminous wicks of merino wool. The proposal is completed by coupled fabrics, born from the need to create bulky and unlined garments.

Particular attention is given to sustainability, the traceability of raw materials and the use of recycled material in full environmental respect and quality golden standard.       


30 June, 2019