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Fall – Winter 2019 Collection

The new Autumn/Winter collection 2019 is particularly aimed at the woman, who wants to wear rich fabrics of high quality and performance, and always maintaining a modern look. The company also follows particular male customers in the world of the most famous designers.

The collection includes all natural fibres: cashmere, silk, mohair, alpaca and wool with particular attention to traceability of raw materials in full environmental respect and quality golden standard. There are also braiding designs with very fine viscose and polyester to give technicality, easy care performances and to obtain special chromatic multicoloured yarn effects. 

The fabrics are stretch and natural stretch, double close-woven and fantasy splittable, relief weave, padded, "English turn" and "Raschel"slippable obtained on knitted machines. Beside the historical products of the company, an important part of the collection is dedicated to fantasy fabrics created with braiding designs of bouclé astrakhan yarns, relief buttoned, flammé, brushed, voluminous merino wool and chenille roving yarns.

The design is developed in the coat weights, which can be simple but abraded and double with close-woven and fantasy reverse side, up to the trousers weight of flannel bistretch or clear cut optical. 

Our strength is the continuous collaboration with the customer, who we develop and try out new materials with, thus guaranteeing quality and speed in service.       


18 September, 2018



Spring – Summer 2019 Collection

The new Spring-Summer 2019 collection is aimed at women who use authentic fabrics to create dresses with new, essential lines that convey creativity and modernity. The use of fine and elastic yarns combined with the search for innovative finishes make our fabrics compact and at the same time light.

The interweaving of wool with very fine viscose creates special chromatic melanges effects both in bright and bright tones and in natural colors. The designs are developed in shiny / opaque micromotives with the intervention of silk and in refined patterns on very fine stretch cotton.

Fancy yarns such as flamed, ondè, knots, bouclé and cabled in linen, cotton and viscose mixed also in a casual way form embossed jackets in tone-on-tone colors. Lightly ventilated fabrics are obtained from the "English lap". polyamide combined with wool and cotton have allowed to create fabrics with technical and snappy hands. Double openable, for unlined garments, are present in multiple weights and compositions and represent the research and the history of Lanificio Raphael.

The continuous collaboration with the customer is our strong point and the experimentation of new raw materials, types and finishes allow us to guarantee high quality and speed in service.


30 January, 2018


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