To celebrate the first 50 years of business, Raphael has chosen to land on BSamply, the platform that digitizes B2B fashion and connects suppliers, garment makers and brands.

This young startup, founded in 2017, allows you to set up virtual showrooms that are always open, in which to exchange information and contacts with customers and suppliers, with ease, speed and cost reduction. But not only that, within the platform it is also possible to set up the "stock service" section relating to end-of-life products or past collections, which can not only be useful to young designers for capsule collections or vintage series, but also to restore I circulate in a sustainable way fabrics that would otherwise end up in pulp.

This is why Raphael chose BSamply: dynamism, speed, practicality and circular economy.

Raphael can be reached on the BSamply portal through the dedicated App or click on the image below!




22 April, 2022