We met Process Factory Srl about 4 years ago, when we chose to turn to competent professionals to help us start our path towards a more sustainable production. With the support of competent and prepared consultants, we then started the process that led us to obtain the sustainable product certifications, from 2019, GOTS-GRS-RWS-NPF-FSC.

In March 2022, we realized that we could do more, not focusing only on our product, but also sensitizing our production chain towards increasingly sustainable processes: from the output we are slowly going back to the input.

Today, our sustainability path is further concretized: the 4Sustainaibility® Chem protocol comes to life with the monitoring, qualification and management of the entire production chain as regards the path of elimination of toxic and harmful substances for human health and for the environment, in accordance with the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Program methodology.

The 4Sustainability® protocol that we are adopting is based on an articulated and structured project, which not only involves knowledge of the supply chain and related processes, but also continuous updating and training, as well as a detailed chemical analysis plan on raw materials, products, downloads ... in order to be able to report data and progress with accuracy and truthfulness.

It is possible to monitor our steps by consulting the Raphael e-report, the digital document which highlights the goals and results achieved in terms of applied sustainability!


15 July, 2022